Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS) is managing of the web content by your technical and non technical staff with the facility to create, edit, manage and also publish all types of content subject to a set of centralized rules, process and workflows that facilitates presentable validated electronic content. We ensure that our CMS is fast, simple, and easy to use for you - but more importantly is extremely powerful and customized for your project. Access the Content Management System from anywhere because it is a web-based application. At Niisoft, we offer content management system that integrates with your existing websites or new website and meets your needs for updating your content frequently. We also implement & customize popular Opensorce CMS systems. Our team is highly experienced with the above CMS systems and have good expertise with customizations, module & plugin development. We use existing plugins or develop our own modules based on your need and requirement. We ensure that our CMS systems are user friendly and very easy to use for your non-technical staff. We create robust multi-user systems that allow you to manage different user levels at your end and provide limited permissions to your content writers & other admin users. We also take special care of SEO related requirements within CMS so you could easily create dynamic pages with SEO friendly URLs and manage the meta & title tags yourself.