Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Niisoft CRM, web-based Customer Relationship Management software for managing your customer relations in a better way. You can use the Niisoft CRM software for your organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory, functions. Niisoft CRM empowers the sales force, executives, and management with sophisticated sales force automation functions such as, Company generation, sales reports & dashboards and other useful metrics. These functions give a business an opportunity to completely focus on customer life-cycle (lead generation - acquisition - conversion - retention - loyalty) rather than sales process, thus increasing sales revenue. Niisoft CRM has sales force automation modules such as, Companies, Contacts, Opportunities and Quotes. You can accurately track all business opportunities and close more deals in less time. Additionally, you can identify bottlenecks in the sales process in advance; thereby effectively utilize existing customer data for future cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
Sales Force Automation Features are as follows
• Opportunity Management
• Contact Management
• Sales Activity Management
• Sales Quotes
2.1 Opportunity Management
• Track all sales opportunities end-to-end in a sales cycle each
• Import Opportunities from other Business/CRM solutions and services
• Associate opportunities with accounts, contacts, activities, and other modules to have a better visibility on the opportunities (360 degree view)
• Track competition on each business opportunity.
• Analyze the sales stage and probability of winning deals
• Intuitive Sales chart to analyze all the progress.
• Generate quotes, sales orders, and invoices from the opportunities.
2.2 Contact Management
• Track all contacts and related opportunities, cases, activities, and other details from a common repository
• Manage hierarchy of contacts within your customer company to have a better coordination while dealing with customers
• Import contacts from external sources CRM and other business applications
• Set up contact assignment rules to automatically assign contacts to the sales force in your organization
• Export contacts to Microsoft excel software for further data analysis
• Synchronize contacts between Niisoft CRM and Microsoft® Outlook® using the Niisoft CRM Outlook plug-in.
2.3 Sales Activity Management
• Log all important customer-related emails into your CRM account for a quick reference in future
• Store all the details of customer meetings and calls in an intuitive calendar
• Manage daily tasks of the users to have a streamlined sales process
• Invite CRM users, contacts for public events
• Set up recurring events with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly frequencies.
2.4 Sales Quotes • Track outstanding sales quotes from your prospect Accounts
• Add line items to the quotes and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts
• Select different prices for the same product as per your customer segmentation
• Create printer-friendly sales quotes and send to the prospects through Niisoft CRM inbuilt email service
• Avoid duplicate work by dynamically displaying the billing and shipping addresses of the prospect
• Customize sales quotes as per your organization's requirements.
3. Customer Support Management
Cases and Solutions functionality can be used to streamline organization-wide Customer Support process and enable a better integration between Sales & Customer Support processes in a single system. Integration between Sales and Post-sales support management helps organizations in resolving the customer-reported cases in less time thereby enhancing the customer satisfaction, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities in future.
3.1 Case Management • Track all the customer-reported cases end-to-end as per organization's customer support process
• Generate cases through email, phone or web site. In addition, you can also add customer-specific email as a case from the Microsoft Outlook mail client
• Automate the case routing process using the case assignment rules so that all the cases are assigned to the right support agents in your organization
• Set up case escalation process using the Workflow rules for a better case resolution and enhance the customer satisfaction.
• Customize the Cases module as per your organization-wide customer support process, which includes adding more custom fields, modifying page layout through drag & drop customization, and changing the order of 360 degree views (related list views)
• Customize the case-specific reports and dashboards
4. Role-based Security Administration
Niisoft CRM provides an Enterprise-grade Role-based security to control the access rights of users while working with CRM data and modules such as leads, accounts, contacts, potentials etc. The Role-based security includes Profiles, Roles, Data Sharing Rules, Field-level security, and Groups
Using profiles, you can define fine-grained access rights to the CRM modules, data administration tools, CRM records, and fields within each module.
With the Roles and Data Sharing Rules, you can set up multi-level organizational hierarchy and control the data-level access rights as per user's role within organization.
Groups (also called as Teams) allow you to extend the data-level access to other users with similar job profile, working in the same department or project, or sharing the data among common geographical location.
4.1 Profiles
• Manage module-level permissions for Sales, Marketing, Support, Inventory and other job profiles
• Manage permissions to access the data administration and other CRM utilities
• Control the access rights to fields using field-level security so that users can access fields that are relevant to job profile
4.2 Roles
• Share CRM data with users as per their job role (CEO, Vice President, Manager etc.,) in an organizational hierarchy
• Define common access rights, such as private, public read and public read/write permission for accessing the CRM data across the organization
• Set up data sharing rules to extend access rights to the other roles, roles & subordinates, and groups in an organization
• Enable sharing of the data among peers so that user with a same role can access other user's data
4.3 Groups
• Manage groups (teams) based on job profiles, departments, or location of the users
• Assign users, roles, roles & subordinates, and sub-groups to the groups
• Setup data sharing rules for groups so that users associated with the groups can have access rights on common data
5. Niisoft CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook
The Niisoft CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook is an easy to use productivity add-on to create mail merge documents, such as Form Letters, Address Labels, Envelopes and etc., based on the Niisoft CRM data instantly.
5.1 Business Benefits
• Save time by creating mail merge documents in bulk
• Generate mail merge documents with up-to-date customer information
5.2 Key Features
• Create mail merge templates in MS Word with the fields in Activities and Contacts modules
• Insert Niisoft CRM standard, custom, and look-up fields in the mail merge template
• Upload the mail merge templates to secured repository in Niisoft CRM
• Manage folder permissions as per organization hierarchy
• Create mail merge documents instantly from Leads, Accounts and Contacts data